Finnex Planted+ 24/7 SE Light Review

I’m always on the lookout for good aftermarket light options for the Fluval Spec V.  I have for many years used the Finnex Fugeray Planted+ light on our Spec V and it has been excellent for our planted tank.  Having said that, the Planted+ only has one ‘speed’ so to speak (no dimmer control) and it is not adjustable for color.

When I heard about the Planted+ 24/7 series that offers

Budget Aquarium Automation Using Smart Plugs

My first step in automating our Spec V aquarium was to add a Leviton timer to control the light on/off cycles. It worked well, but I started to wish for something easier to adjust / program.  Also, I wanted a way to easily turn off and on the pump and foresaw a future need to control a CO2 solenoid. An aquarium automation system (like the Neptune Apex Jr.) would have worked, but a solution more in line with our budget and needs turned out to be Smart Plugs.