How to Breed Red Cherry Shrimp

When setting up our little nano planted aquarium, I wanted to make it home to some shrimp. It was something new and challenging that I had not tried in my previous childhood aquarium. I am so glad that we got them into our Spec V – they have become the star occupants of our aquarium!

Being something new, I was a bit aprehensive about housing them, but it turns out that Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS) are quite hardy and easy to keep. I am also discovering they are very prolific in reproducing! Breeding red cherry shrimp is very simple and is as easy as

How to Accurately Dose Chemicals in a Nano Aquarium

I have used Seachem’s products in our Fluval Spec V since we built it up.  I love their Prime water conditioner and Flourish Excel for plant growth.  The one challenge to using their very concentrated formulas in a small nano aquarium is accurately dosing in small quantities.  Their suggestion to use the threads on the cap to estimate 1 ml for each thread I find highly inaccurate.  This leads to wasted product and possibly over dosing. I first thought that a syringe would be the best way to meter out small quantities in ml. However, even that had problems

How to Regenerate / Clean Seachem Purigen

I have been using Seachem Purigen in the filter section of my Fluval Spec V aquarium for a few months now.  I recently pulled up the filter material and the Purigen has now turned a nice, dark brown patina.  Their instructions have the following to say about when to clean: “Exhaustion is indicated by a pronounced discoloration of the beads to dark brown or black.”  While not yet black, I couldn’t help myself