Aquarium Heater Suggestions for Fluval Spec Aquariums

What I like best about the Fluval Spec line of aquariums is their ‘all in one’ appearance, where the display tank, lights, and filtration system are all in one box. When setting up our Spec V aquarium, it was only natural to try to find a heater that would fit into the pump section and be totally enclosed. In my research, I found a few heaters that would work well. I will talk about these and

How to Make Your Fluval Spec Aquarium Betta Friendly

Both the Fluval Spec III and Spec V Aquariums make great homes for Betta fish, otherwise known as Siamese Fighting Fish.  Many people make the mistake of keeping their Betta fish in very small, 1 gallon containers sold at the fish store.  If you are at this page, you probably realize that this is a mistake and want your wonderful Betta to have a better home with more water.

The Fluval Spec aquariums are a great choice to house a Betta, either the

Use a Pot Scrubber / Sponge In the Fluval Spec Aquarium Filter

I was kicking around ways to substitute improved filter media into my Fluval Spec V and found some people in forums suggesting common materials to substitute. Among them were nylon pot scrubbers, scotch-brite pads (dollar store scrubbie pads), filter wool, polyester fill (polyfill – found at craft or fabric stores for pillow batting). That got me to thinking and I checked out what was available