How to Accurately Dose Chemicals in a Nano Aquarium

I have used Seachem’s products in our Fluval Spec V since we built it up.  I love their Prime water conditioner and Flourish Excel for plant growth.  The one challenge to using their very concentrated formulas in a small nano aquarium is accurately dosing in small quantities.  Their suggestion to use the threads on the cap to estimate 1 ml for each thread I find highly inaccurate.  This leads to wasted product and possibly over dosing. I first thought that a syringe would be the best way to meter out small quantities in ml. However, even that had problems

Seachem Flourish Excel Review

One of the first decisions that have to be made for someone planning a planted aquarium is ‘high tech’ or ‘low tech’.  These terms tend to include aspects of plant keeping including the lighting, fertilizers, selection of plants (low light plants or high light plants).  In my mind, the defining factor of a ‘high tech’ planted aquarium is adding a pressurized CO2 system.  I decided very quickly that there were many disadvantages to