Use a Pot Scrubber / Sponge In the Fluval Spec Aquarium Filter

I was kicking around ways to substitute improved filter media into my Fluval Spec V and found some people in forums suggesting common materials to substitute. Among them were nylon pot scrubbers, scotch-brite pads (dollar store scrubbie pads), filter wool, polyester fill (polyfill – found at craft or fabric stores for pillow batting). That got me to thinking and I checked out what was available

How to Regenerate / Clean Seachem Purigen

I have been using Seachem Purigen in the filter section of my Fluval Spec V aquarium for a few months now.  I recently pulled up the filter material and the Purigen has now turned a nice, dark brown patina.  Their instructions have the following to say about when to clean: “Exhaustion is indicated by a pronounced discoloration of the beads to dark brown or black.”  While not yet black, I couldn’t help myself