Ammonia Calculator for Aquariums

I included this calculator as part of my article on performing a fishless cycle but wanted to make it a separate post for easier access.

This is a simple calculator.  Make sure to select your units (gallons or liters) as a first step (based on your preference).  The concentration is dependent on the ammonia you use and will usually be between 5% and 10%.

The output is in mL and in drops (useful for small quantities of nano aquariums).

Source for Ammonia:

For aquariums, make sure to use Ammonia that is free of impurities (soaps, dyes, surfactants).  I only know of two that are confirmed suitable: Ace hardware (if you can go into a store) and Ammonia Clear (available on Amazon).  Ace ammonia is 10% concentration; Ammonia Clear is 5% concentration.

5 thoughts on “Ammonia Calculator for Aquariums

  1. Nate – perhaps they have changed their formula, but the Ammonia Clear you link to on Amazon appears to be 1%. I purchased it and used your calculator at 5% concentrate for 5ppm and couldn’t get close.

    According to comments on the product, it is 1%. When I used your calculator at that concentration it was at 5ppm in no time.

    Thanks for this blog. You’ve made me look like a nano tank expert!

  2. Has the link to the calculator broken? It’s not appearing anymore?

    • Thank you so much for pointing that out. I fixed a problem with the plugin and hopefully it is back up.

      • Yes it’s back thanks Nate! Its so useful, your whole site is for that matter! It’s helped me so much

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