How to Setup a Paintball CO2 System for Your Planted Aquarium

Putting together a paintball CO2 system for our aquarium was one of the best moves I have made for our tank.  I was always hesitant to install pressurized CO2 because of the cost and complexity.  It can be intimidating getting all the parts installed as there is not much in the way of instructions currently on the web.  I hope this page offers

Up Aqua Aquasand Substrate for Planted Aquariums Review

I recently rescaped our Fluval Spec V aquarium and decided to swap out the Black Flourite substrate for something a bit more high end. For all the effort of breaking down the tank, I wanted a substrate that looked more attractive and that provides nutrients more efficiently to the plant roots. I eventually chose Aquasand substrate from Up Aqua. This product has been up and in use for more than a month now and I am very happy with it. I will get into a review of this substrate and discuss