Our Green Neon Tetras are Turning Two!

I checked my notes and sure enough, the green neon tetras that currently occupy our Spec V (along with the red cherry shrimp and a horned nerite snail) are turning two years old!

We put them into the tank on 8/8/14.  I guess they were at least a few weeks old when we got them from the store, so they are very close to two years old. I’m excited that they have survived this well and I hope I don’t jinx them by writing this post.

 Green Neon Tetra fish Paracheirodon simulans for a fluval spec v

We have had a few casualties.  We originally put in seven, but two died around December of 2015.  One had a large tumor develop on her back and she succumbed to death eventually. Another mysteriously disappeared around the same time.  I didn’t have to deal with fishing out the dead fish because of our wonderful red cherry shrimp.  They are a wonderful crew of little morticians, lovingly disposing of the dead for us.  Nice!

The Green Neon Tetra fish that we have (paracheirodon simulans) has a listed lifespan that is the same as many other tetra type hobby fish, around 5 to 10 years.  So 2 years isn’t anything to write home about; however, I was uncertain how they would do in around 5 gallons.

Hopefully they will keep chugging and we will keep enjoying them for a long time.

 Green Neon Tetra fish Paracheirodon simulans

I’m interested to hear your comments: what is your oldest fish?  How about the oldest fish for those of you with nano aquariums like the Fluval Spec’s?

2 thoughts on “Our Green Neon Tetras are Turning Two!

  1. I’ve got a Spec V and the tank is now around 2 months old. I originally had 6 glowlight tetras. 2 died after about a week. Then shortly after another dropped due to the water parameters (the dead were found the following afternoon in the plants so likely poisoned the rest). We replaced 1 glowlight so we have 4. We’ve also got 4 neons, they’re fine. 2 weeks ago we introduced red cherry shrimp, 4 of them… only 1 made it to the bottom of the tank – glowlights gobbled them. So we added 10 more shrimp and I think we lost 1 or 2 at most. We’ve got 1 shrimp currently in pregnancy and the others are thriving. Now I want a 110-150L tank so the Spec V is a shrimp tank only, I feel bad for the tetras in the space they have despite there being enough room

  2. I bought 20 green neon tetras two years ago(september 2014 Wild Colombia).Only 7 left:(
    These little guys are very active and great schooling fish.Maybe ı’ll add more next time.

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