Replacement Parts for Fluval Spec Aquariums

The great thing about the Fluval Spec line of aquariums, (older Spec II, Current Spec III and Spec V) are the relative ease of replacement supplies for the filtration system. If you break other components, there are sometimes sources for Spec replacement parts as well. Here is a rundown of replacement Fluval Spec parts and respective sources.

Fluval Spec Filter Media Replacement:

There are three components to the stock filtration system in the Fluval Spec:

  • Foam Filter Block – This foam block has two compartments to hold the two other filter media components. It offers biological filtration (surface area for beneficial bacteria) and mechanical filtration to trap detritus in the water column.  The replacement filter block apparently does not include the very handy plastic handle at the top to help you lift it up; make sure to transfer that over from your existing filter block if you replace it. Replacement cost for the filter block from Amazon is around $8 USD each, or a pack of three for around $20 USD.

Spec Aquarium - Replacement Foam Block


  • Biomax Ceramic Rings – This is a mesh bag filled with around 2 ounces of ceramic rings. This filter media is to provide biological filtration through increased surface area. These bags of ceramic media are around $3 USD each on Amazon.

Spec Aquarium - Replacement biomax ceramic filter bag

  • Activated Carbon Bag – This is another bagged filter media, but a finer mesh and is filled with activated carbon. It is neither mechanical or biological, but it is a chemical filter. These come in a pack of three for around $4 USD on Amazon.

When to Replace Filter Media in Your Spec Aquarium:

If you maintian your filter media by rinsing out often (weekly in my case, using dechlorinated tap water), the foam block and biomax can last for a very, very long time. I am going on over a year and don’t feel a need to replace yet. I won’t replace the foam block unless it starts to look really ratty or tears in two (probably from the top where the handle is). I will consider replacing the biomax if it becomes very clogged with detris that doesn’t rinse off or if it starts to crumble.

I can’t speak for the duration to replace the activated carbon bag as I choose not to use this filter media.

My Spec V uses biomax in the top foam opening and a 100ml bag of Seachem Purigen in the lower foam compartment.

Replacement Spec Aquarium Parts:

I haven’t had any parts break so far, but I do think about what I would do if something needed to be replaced. As more and more people are setting up Spec tanks, there are more avenues for replacement of common parts. Some are available on Amazon.  I would not expect parts to be readably available at local pet stores, however.  The best source seems to be the Hagen (Fluval’s parent company) website.  I have discovered that Hagen has different websites servicing different countries.  Hagen’s USA replacement parts page is here.  I have tracked down individual parts in the links below.  These links will be for USA customers – you will need to navigate to the country of your choice if you live elsewhere.  If Hagen reworks their website, these links will be broken, but I hope it remains helpful.  Here is what I have found so far (USA links):

EDIT:  I have discovered [January 2020] that the Hagen links I had in place (in the following section) are no longer valid.  It looks like they are not selling replacement parts directly to customers.  If you want  in the following sections are no longer valid. I will try to get this section upgraded if Fluval offers replacement parts online.

  • Spec III and V Replacemet Pump – This is the factory stock pump and currently cost about $21 USD.  I worry most about the pump going out suddenly, but this pump seems to be very long lasting. Nothing last forever, though, and I have considered ordering one just to have a spare on-hand.

Spec III and V aquarium replacement pump

  • Spec I and II Replacement Pump – Again, factory replacement.  It looks very similar to the one for the III and V; I don’t know what the difference is.  It also cost about $15 USD.
  • Spec (all generations) Outlet Nozzle – This includes the outlet nozzle and the elbow that turns down to connect to the outlet tube (from the pump).  It might be possible to crack this, or loose a part.  $3 USD.  Best I can tell, this part works for any Spec Aquarium (I, II, III, V).

Spec Aquarium - Replacement outlet nozzle with elbow

  • Spec Outlet Tube – I am speaking of the clear flexible tube that transfers flow from the pump up to the elbow at the outlet nozzle (the one that I like to put holes in to improve flow).   Finding an exact replacement for the size of tubing provided with the Spec kit has turned into an adventure.  A kind reader has reported that the outlet nozzle on Hagen’s website (directly preceding) includes a direct replacement flow tube.
  •  Spec V Replacement Light – This is the factory stock light.  At around $43 USD replacement cost, you should consider looking at aftermarket alternatives as some of them can be found for less money, or slightly more money but much better performance. Please note that this light has been updated to a version that is more durable and has a higher light output.  I don’t see it is available from Fluval yet as a direct replacement.

Spec V Aquarium - Replacement LED Light

  • Spec III Replacement Light – This link is for Canada – I can’t find a USA link.  Again, factory stock light and again, there is a newer version of this light currently shipping on Spec III aquariums.  $25 CAD.  The small size of the III makes aftermarket alternatives fewer, but there are a few to consider.
  • Spec V Replacement Acrylic Cover – This could be very useful if you drop yours and break it.  Also, over time, the plastic will show haziness from scratches.  The cost is currently $15 USD.

Spec V Aquarium - Replacement Top

I hope this helps.  The Hagen website is a bit daunting, but I hope you can navigate it to find the parts you need for your country.

28 thoughts on “Replacement Parts for Fluval Spec Aquariums

  1. Did you ever find replacement outlet tubing? I would feel better about doing your hole-mod if I had an option to replace it in case I messed it up.

    1. I have not yet found a source to replace the outlet tube. It never occurred to me that some people would be bothered by the risk as it is such a simple mod. I will keep looking for a source.

      1. The outlet nozzle comes with replacement tubing. I ordered it recently and it arrived that way.

    2. If you did place holes and ended up not satisfied with them, you might be able to repair/close them with aquarium silicone sealant. Just a thought.

    1. Wow – thanks so much for tracking this down! I will verify and hopefully add this to the page above.

      Sorry the modification didn’t work out for you. I guess I should remind to go slow in adding holes. Thanks again for the feedback and information.

      (EDIT: The referenced size didn’t work out for me and I found a slightly better replacement size.)

  2. LOL, no Nate, I made holes in the pipe long before reading it anywhere on the net. I’m not the most patient person on this planet and therefore just drilled a few holes which turned out to be too many. This time around I’ll drill-and-test! 🙂

    1. Pipe arrived been in use for over a week now. It’s working just as good as the original pipe. Also turned from transparent to cloudy like the original piece did. Highly recommended.

      1. Great! I’ll get some on order myself to check it out.

        UPDATE: I ordered some of that tubing, and that is not a size match for the stock hose. So 9mm ID x 13mm OD isn’t correct – it’s too small diameter and the wall thickness is too large. I’m going to keep searching for the correct size – probably try 1/2″ ID x 5/8″ OD next.

  3. I found your website googling for replacement parts (I was planning to cut a new hole in my spec V lid, but wanted to confirm I could get a replacement if I messed it up too badly).

    I also bought the replacement nozzle you linked to above. I can confirm that you get ALL of the assembly of the nozzle, the elbow, AND a replacement of the flexible clear tube that attached to the pump if you purchase the $2.79 part you linked to from Hagen. I am now fearlessly drilling holes in my tube to enhance water flow in the pump chamber.

    1. Cheryl, That is great news! I have found several sources for hose that is close enough but not exact. Good to know the stock hose can be had for cheap if someone needs it as part of the nozzle assembly.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know!

  4. HI
    Thanks for the links. Although would love to get the original covver as a replacement for my lost Spec V cover ,shipping quite a bit. so wondering if someone could give me the exact dimensions of the cover. Also any idea where the except this place where can I get the nozzle?
    Any help will be great. Thanks

  5. Your website is incredibly useful. I am new to planted tanks, just got back into aquariums after 20 years away from the hobby. I have been converting a Coralife Biocube 32 for Freshwater Planted, and much of your advice here is relevant to me (reducing pump flow, appropriate filtration, lighting, CO2). I also have a Spec V (the old model on a good sale) on order and I already plan to upgrade the light and set up CO2. Hoping to do a heavily planted guppy tank. Will be looking forward to future updates!!

  6. Does anybody know if it is possible to get a replacement for the clip that the light bracket slides into?


  7. Hi there. do you recommend an upgrade for the water pump? mine just stopped working after 2 years. was having a maintenance and didnt turn on after.

    1. update: i didnt know that the water pump can be opened until a video in youtube just gave me hope. lol. it means that for 2yrs it has never been cleansed. i used some cotton buds and now its fully functional. was about to order a new one. 🙂

  8. I was wondering if they sell the ac/dc adapter for the Spec V light?

    1. Yes, it should be available. Search for “Spec Aquarium Transformer”.

  9. Hi Nate
    Thanks for the website. My mum has a Spec V that I took over to fix her issues, mainly algae and poor water quality. I have made a few mods to the tank and filter with more to come.

    On mod I’m doing is the light, I will receive a newer Spec V light at my LFS Monday, I could not see it available, but the store called and ordered it for me.

    I had to work with a running tank, so I could not plug the bottom slot with silicone, so I cut a plastic binder separator to size and put it in the filter area, held in place with the sponge. It blocks the hole, but lets me do water changes from the filter area with an airline tube to suck water out. I have to monitor it because the flow of water from the tank past the separator is slower than my drain… It only flows through the bottom slot when the level in the filter area is below the slot too.

    On my next water change, I will finish my filter mods. From the bottom: I will have a plastic canvas on top of the horizontal baffle, 2-3 bags of ceramic rings, one of the three sections of the sponge block, a bag of purigen, another section of sponge, and filter floss (duvet filling) on top. I have th last section of sponge to shim if needed.

    I also have a mesh over the intake slots on the filter side, to prevent shrimplet losses, but I want to move it to the display side for ease of cleaning.I will also drill the tube and add a sponge to the nozzle, but on the inside, you can split the nozzle in two parts and put a tiny bit of sponge inside the ball to reduce flow. It won’t ever get out by itself, and it aesthetically better than the Edge tube.

  10. Hi. I lost the screw that is used to tighten the light fixture on my V. Any idea on the thread type and length? Thank you for this great site.

    1. No idea – sorry. I don’t think I ever used that screw anyway. Gravity held the light in place pretty well for us.

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