Finnex Stingray: Low Light Option for Fluval Spec V Aquariums

I recently wrote an article on aftermarket light options for the Fluval Spec Aquariums and I just updated the portion on the Spec V to include the Finnex Stingray.

This fills a void I had in the options for a high quality light that has lower output suitable for general aquarium use (non-planted) or for a low-light planted tank.

The light incorporates 7000k LED’s as the main lighting.  It also uses red (660nm) and actinic blue LED’s to add some color.  The effect is probably very similar to the red 660nm LED’s on the Planted +, which I find creates a very nice warm color.

The 16″ Finnex Stingray only has 20 of the 700k main LED’s, compared to 60 on the Planted + version, thus it is a low light fixture.

The light comes in a 16″ model (to cover only the main display of the aquarium and not the filter section) and a 20″ model (to cover the entire aquarium from outside glass to outside glass).  The mounts appear a bit different from the Finnex Fugeray Planted + that I use, but they should work the same.  I use the stock acrylic cover on the Spec V and simply rest the mounting feet on top. I have also used the 16″ model without the acrylic top and rested the Finnex mounting feet on the glass at the end and the filter section divider at the other.  They also include a clip-on version of this light for nano aquariums.

I’m glad Finnex produced this model.  I think it can be very highly recommended for those wanting the great colors and LED efficiency of the Planted + but with a lower intensity suitable for a low light planted or no plant aquarium. I hope to get one in the near future to review fully and compare with the Planted + and the stock Finnex Spec V light.

EDIT: Since I wrote this, Finnex has now updated their lineup of lights to include capabilities of custom color and intensity settings and even a custom 24/7 mode that lets you program an entire day of changing light characteristics.  The best of this current series of lights is the Finnex Planted+ 24/7 HLC.  It is in every way superior to the Stingray series of lights.

2 thoughts on “Finnex Stingray: Low Light Option for Fluval Spec V Aquariums

  1. Thanks for all the great information you provide. Can you tell me how the Finnex Stingray compares in brightness to the stock light provided with the Spec V? I have six or seven low-light plants–the stock light seems a little dim, but the Finnex Planted + seems like it might be too bright. Thanks again!

    1. Robert, Full disclosure: I haven’t yet had an actual stingray to test vs the planted + and the stock light. It’s tough to get actual light intensity levels (PAR) for the stingray light, but a few review videos I found point to a PAR of around 30 for the stingray, 50 for the Planted +. I believe the stock Spec V light has a PAR in the teens.

      So, the intensity of the stingray will be right between the two (stock and Planted +) and should look great and help to brighten the tank up to showcase a bit better. It will still be low light, but you might have to limit the duration a bit to keep algae growth in check.

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