Upcoming in Spec-Tanks for 2017

I love this time of year – getting through the Christmas Holidays and looking forward to a very exciting future. I have had alot of fun with our Spec V Aquarium this year – we have made exciting changes with new plants and new equipment.

I have so much that I want to write about.  As is always the case, I cannot manage to get it all done, but here are a few things that I hope to do and write about:

  • Update Spec III and Spec V Review Pages:  Fluval has rolled out changes to their Spec lineup of aquariums.  The changes are easy to summarize; just a few cosmetic changes, but the big change is to the lights.  Both the III and V have better lights included as part of the stock kit.  I want to obtain new versions of both and update the review pages accordingly with new information and pictures.

high tech fluval spec v planted aquarium

  • Review the Finnex Planted + 24/7:  There are rumors that this light fixture is getting updated in the Spring of 2017 (called the Planted + 24/7 SE).  If and when this happens, I will get a 20″ and test it on the Fluval Spec V.
  • Review on the Eheim Jager 25 watt Heater:  It’s a great heater, but I have only used it so far on a quarantine tank.  Would work wonderfully on the Spec III.
  • Aquarium Automation: I use smart plugs and an Inkbird ITC-308 temperature controller as a budget automation system.  It works very well and I want to write about this method as well as compare to purpose-made aquarium automation systems such as the Neptune Apex Jr.
  • More Planted Aquarium Articles: There is much to write about.  I feel that lots of the informational pages on planted aquariums are confusing and too expansive. I want to write articles that are easy to understand and presented attractively.  I want to write about pressurized CO2 systems, tips for operating a CO2 system, how to use EI fertilization, and how to dry dose fertilizers.

20 oz paintball tank with regulator for aquarium co2 system

Here are a few things that are a bit more ambitious that I’d like to do and write about:

  • Get a Light Meter:  Fluval and Finnex both do a poor job of publishing numbers on light output from their fixtures.  I would love to get ahold of a light meter to test and quantify PAR values from both the stock lights that come with the Spec aquariums (previous and current versions) and the aftermarket Finnex fixtures that I have.  Apogee makes an older light meter called the MQ-200; however, they have a new one called the MQ-500.  The updated version gives more accurate values for LED lights.
  • Write about other Fluval Aquariums: Fluval has other aquariums in their lineup, including some other Spec’s that are for Marine (saltwater) and a curved front series called the Flex.  I probably won’t obtain or officially review these, but will make informational pages.
  • Filter System Mods: I hope to play around with the filter system of the Spec V and III’s and find simple DIY projects to improve their performance.

If you have things that you want me to write about, please add them in the comments below.  As always, thanks for being part of this community.

10 thoughts on “Upcoming in Spec-Tanks for 2017

  1. Looking forward to all of the helpful articles in 2017. Thanks Nate!

  2. Looking forward to much of this, but especially the planted aquarium articles. I’ve done diy CO2 before, so a pressurized system is the next step for me. I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated what you’ve presented thus far; first time I’ve started a tank with more of a planted aquarium in mind. Thank you sir!

    1. Yes, the planted tank articles are a labor of love – it’s challenging to give clear instructions. I’m working on a pressurized CO2 article now. You are very welcome!

  3. I’ve got the “new” Spec III, the light is able to support low-mid light plants, I’m growing dwarf hairgrass in mine. I’m really interested in the flex, basically a bigger spec. I’d like to see the automation. Happy new year!

  4. Hi Nate:

    I found your site…somehow:-)

    I just ordered a Fluval Spec V and Hydor 50w heater (plus other stuff) today from Petco. I found lots of good info here and appreciate the effort you put into building this site. Let me know if you need any info on the latest Spec V, which I assume I will be getting.

    Note the 50w heater is only ~$1.80 more expensive than the 25w version, an easy decision if your house gets cold.

    My Spec V will house a single male betta plus some live plants.

  5. Hi Nate,

    I bought the new Fluval Spec V with their new 75k watts LED light from EBay. Beside the new LED light, everything else is the same. I did a mod/diy on the filter rack using plastic eggcreate, if you want I can email a picture of it and measurements. I can’t wait to read your blog on how you set up the CO2. Thanks.

  6. Hi,

    Would definitely love for you to review the new Fluval Flex 9 and 15 gallon tanks and let us know if we can use the same modifications for Bettas as you have written about for the Specs. Thanks!

    1. I hear you. It’s turning into a busy year, but I will see what I can do.

  7. Really appreciate you taking the time – your website has been invaluable to me as I got up to speed with my first tank since goldfish as a child!

    1. Awesome! I’m glad you are back into fish keeping. Have fun!

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